Why a Polaris?

The same high quality materials and workmanship Polaris uses in our larger professional off-shore boats is a part of every Polaris built, down to the smallest model.

At Polaris we specialize in custom accessorizing every boat to meet the end use and needs of our customers.

Talk to us about your special requirements or custom needs.

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Rigid Hull Inflatable's
Aluminum Hulls
Spirit 12'6 - 17'6
Tender 10' & 11'
Neptune 17'6 - 33'
Fiberglass Hulls
Seamaster 12'6 - 16'6
Contender 16'6
Neptune 17'6 - 27'6

Foldable Boats
Spirit 12'6 - 15'6
Seamaster 12'6 & 14'6
RiverRunner 9' - 11'
RiverMaster 12'6 & 14'6

Approved Boats
S.O.L.A.S. Rescue
Approved Emergency

Custom / Specialized
Custom Designs
Passenger / Touring
Boats around the world
Custom Yacht Tenders
Fishing / Camping
Search & Rescue

Jet Boats

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