Our recreational boats are offered in a range of hull sizes and materials, including shallow draft jet drive configurations. We build to order and specialize in custom accessorizing to meet your needs and expectations. Whether it is a new boat, replacement parts or much-needed repairs, we are your one stop shop.


  • Aluminum hulls in 12’6 to 18’6 lengths, designed for both pleasure and commercial uses.
  • Available in either tiller control or remote steering configurations with long shaft transoms.
  • Light-weight yet extremely durable with hulls available in prop or outboard jet configurations.
  • Provides a strong, durable and non-flexing hull built from 5052 series marine alloy in 3/16” with ¼” option.
  • Full perimeter welded main and fore deck, built-in deck well and a built-in hull bailer as standard.
  • This boat model is fully customizable with seating, consoles, arch frames, etc for your particular end use.

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  • Aluminum hulls in 11’ & 12’6 lengths for both pleasure and commercial uses.
  • Available with a long-shaft transom inserts are also available for the installation of short shaft engines.
  • Designed for maximum size and comfort with a full 35” of clear inside width between the tubes at the transom.
  • Full perimeter welded main and fore deck, built-in deck well and a built-in hull bailer as standard.
  • 1/8″ (optional 3/16”) 5000 series marine alloy with structural transom knees to provide a strong, non-flexing hull.
  • 12’6” Tender is uniquely available with a shallow draft hull which is designed for the jet drive application.
  • 11’ & 12’6 Tenders can both be outfitted with remote steering and seating options.

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  • Aluminum hulled Neptune Series RIB’s are manufactured from 17’6″ to 40’’
  • The tubeset is 24” in diameter and mechanically attached and removable.
  • Strong and durable – constructed to survive impacts and build for both pleasure and professional markets.
  • Neptune aluminum hull design offers maximum internal deck space for the overall length.
  • Fuel tank, cables and hoses all accessible and serviceable as they are located below removable deck plates.
  • T-roof, console and seating selected are located to maximize deck space and owners personal requirements.
  • Hull constructed of 1/4″ 5086 marine grade aluminum plate. The deck is constructed of 5000 series / 3/16″ plate.
  • The Neptune Series is also available in a full range of Deep V Fiberglass hull RIBs.

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  • The Seamaster has a deeper V fiberglass hull and a smaller tube diameter than most of the other Polaris RIB designs.
  • Is available in 12’6, 14’6 and 16’6 fiberglass hull. The tubeset is 18” in diameter with 4 separate air chambers. The inside deck width is 42” with an overall width of 6’6.
  • It has a wide base for stability, a square bow and a great deal of usable inboard space. It is a great family boat for day use on lakes or fishing as well as exploring those ocean coves and beaches to swim, snorkel or dive.
  • The standard boat comes complete with wide protective overlays and tracking strips which are bonded onto the underside of the floatation collar.
  • As of 2016, the Seamaster series boats have been in production for about 28 years and is the model that is the basis for our Transport Canada certified Emergency boat and our 5 meter SOLAS Approved and Certified (self-righting) Rescue boat.

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  • The Contender Series Rib is available in 17’6, 18’6 and 19’6 lengths. Each RIB has clear inside deck width of  4’6” (54”) with an overall width (or beam) of 7’10”.
  • The aluminum hulled Contender RIB’s can be outfitted to your specific needs from an extensive choice of options.
  • The floatation collar (or tube set) diameter is a 20” tapered tube with 5 separate air chambers. The tubeset is mechanically attached and removable.
  • Some of the many and varied uses for the Polaris Contender series boats include scuba diving, fishing, camping, exploring, transport, research, patrol, guiding, commuting: And is extremely well suited as an all around family boat.

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