Polaris Tube & Aluminum Hull Construction

Polaris tubes are built from Neoprene Hypalon* coated rubber fabric.

This fabric provides the utmost resistance to flexing and deterioration from heat, cold, ultraviolet rays and fuel. Some boats on the market use lesser weight fabrics of 460 to 860 Denier and still others use vinyl base coatings rather than rubber coated fabrics. The core of our fabric has a minimum weight polyester base of 1100 Denier. The 1670 Denier or 1880 Denier fabric is available for the larger commercial and heavy use boats.

* Hypalon was a trade mark of DuPont for CSPE or CSM and the terms are often used interchangeably in the industry.


Various qualities or grades of Hypalon/CSPE/CSM exist in the market today. In the construction of our tubes, Polaris only uses material that are approved by an international body for use in professional, military and rescue boat applications and meets ISO 15372:2000


  • 1100 Denier Neoprene/hypalon approved boat fabric
  • 1670 Denier Neoprene/hypalon approved boat fabric

STANDARD COLORS (those generally in stock)

  • Arctic Grey (Light grey)
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black

OPTIONAL COLORS (sometimes in stock – available at additional cost)

  • Blue (Ocean blue & Alpin Blue)
  • Yellow
  • Navy Blue
  • Neptune Grey (Dark grey)

Aluminum Hull Construction

  • 176-contender-neptune-7
  • spirit-construction-1
  • spawar-prh-1000-37
  • polaris3
  • prh1050-spawar-012
  • p1080908-large
  • p1080788
  • p1080080
  • p1080786
  • p1070836
  • jet-boat-optional-reinforcements
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  • casey-construction-016-large
  • extended-hull-for-engine-pod-tubeset-overlays
  • casey-construction-012-large
  • casey-construction-007
  • cabin-march-08-2
  • casey-construction-006
  • 22-neptune-hull
  • 216-neptune-hull
  • 216-neptune-hull-cw-skid-plates
  • various-jet-boats
  • 176-rib-jy-01-large
  • 196-neptune-5
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General Overview

  • Each aspect of construction, assembly, and components is evaluated for safety, a purpose of function and durability.
  • Polaris RIB’s (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats), depending on the series, are offered with either aluminum or fiberglass hulls.
  • The mid-range 21’6 to 27’6 Neptune series are available with fiberglass hulls (as well as aluminum).
  • Polaris tube sets are individually fabricated by hand with the highest quality neoprene Hypalon materials which are tested and approved for the construction of IMO certified Rescue Craft.
  • Polaris tube sets are available as fully inflatable with several separate air chambers.
  • Neptune series boats are available with the standard air holding tubes, or with foam cores in a standard round tube or with ‘D’ shaped cross-sections.
  • As each Polaris boat is individually planned and accessorized from both our standard and proprietary options, we also take great care in considering the ergonomics (human factors) of the various components with respect to the forms and placements.
  • Our goal is not only to offer high-quality constructions but to also optimize the well-being of personnel and the overall function and performance of the vessel.
  • Both fiberglass and aluminum hulls are constructed to meet or exceed commercial vessel standards.

Fiberglass Hull Construction

Polaris fiberglass hulls are hand-laid in accordance with the highest industry standards.
The 5 M Polaris SOLAS Approved Rescue boats contain Class 1 Fire Retardant Resin.

  • 18-fiberglass-neptune-series-hull-construction-007
  • polaris-166r-2-large
  • p1070914
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  • p1070912
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  • p1060016-large
  • p1050921
  • p1010695
  • p1010334
  • p1010509
  • p1010329
  • j-atkinson-june-6-2008-015
  • j-atkinson-june-6-2008-004
  • atkinson-07-construction-15
  • a-2
  • atkinson-07-construction-1
  • 276-fiberglass-neptune-4
  • 276-fbrgls-rib-luc-008
  • 276-construction-018
  • 276-construction-015-large
  • 216-fg-neptune-hull-2