Jet Boats

What is a jet boat?
A jet boat is a standard rigid hull inflatable boat that has had the hull specially designed to operate with an outboard jet motor.  The outboard jet has become very popular over the last few years as outboard jet technology has evolved.

How is its design different from a standard hull?
A jet motor moves the water very differently than a standard outboard.  The hull must be designed to allow for uninterrupted water flow to the jet intake. If that flow is interrupted the outboard jet will not attain the water flow and thrust required to perform properly.

Who would use a jet rigid hull inflatable boat?
Many of our clients find that their work or hobbies require access to or through shallow waters. The jet boat has a shallower draft than the traditional hull and allows it to operate where the water is less deep than a traditional hull would require.

Power is a consideration when considering a jet.
Jet outboard engines produce less power at the nozzle than conventional outboards produce at the propeller.  In order to attain the same speed, you may need to use a significantly larger outboard jet than you would need to use for a standard outboard prop engine.

Outboard jet drives are an option on 3 of the aluminum hull series:

Neptune inboard jet option:
Polaris also builds an inboard jet aluminum hull Inflatable boat which starts at 17½’ all of which are made to order. Each boat is custom designed and detailed for the customer’s end use without compromising quality or workmanship.

The inboard aluminum hull is perfectly suited for individuals or commercial users who operate primarily in rivers or in shallow water conditions. The deadrise of the hull is customized to suit the operational environment and needs of the customer.