Tender Aluminum RIBss

11’ & 12’6 aluminum Rigid hull Inflatable Boats

The Tender series boats are designed to be extremely stable and as light as possible given their extremely durable build and versatile design. They offer maximum size and comfort for length that provides an excellent base for work or for play.

As each boat has a full 35” of clear inside width between the tubes at the transom there is lots of usable inboard space. The tube diameter is 18.5” for an overall width of 6’. The inside of the hull has a built-in deck well and a built-in hull bailer. It has a full perimeter welded main and fore deck with a non-slip surface for comfort and added safety. The deck level (over the hull) ensures that feet stay dry and the bow deck has a hatch for pump and repair kit storage.

The Tender’s aluminum rigid hull is solidly built from 1/8″ aluminum 5000 series marine alloy with structural transom knee supports to provide a strong, durable, non-flexing hull. This series has the option of a hull thickness upgrade to a 3/16” hull plate for rugged adventures or commercial use.
The Tender series rib’s are built for a long-shaft engine but transom inserts are also available for the installation of short shaft engines.

The 12’6” Tender is uniquely available with a shallow draft hull which is designed for the jet drive application. This is the only boat in the series that is available for shallow water use and for the installation of a jet drive outboard engines.

Why is this series of boat so popular?

The Tender RIB is the big little boat that is perfectly suited as a tender to your larger vessel or as your main ‘out for a day’ play boat. This style RIB has been very popular with both pleasure and commercial clients due to its usable inboard space, quality of construction, reliability and good performance with some very low power engines.

With a Polaris Tender Rib you can enjoy your day fishing, exploring or just getting away from it all. Whether you are on a lake, on the ocean or way up a river you can explore and arrive at that special spot in comfort. The uncluttered inboard space means you can bring the dog and all the gear too!

The 11’ & 12’6 Tenders can be outfitted with remote steering and seating options, along with a large selection of options to meet your own particular needs. Each boat is supplied with paddles, pump and a comprehensive repair kit.

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Standard features included With base boat:

  • Tubes constructed of high quality neoprene/hypalon fabric
  • V bottom aluminum hull w/half deck
  • Roll on non-slip decking
  • Push/turn flush mount valves
  • Cone end beaching pads & tracking strips
  • Tube topside stepping pads
  • Outboard lifelines
  • Deck drains
  • Heavy duty full length rub rails
  • Trailer bow eye (welded w/S.S.bushing insert)
  • Tubes, glue on style
  • 5’ paddles stowed inboard within paddle retainers
  • High volume foot pump and factory repair kit

Options considered most often:

  • Jet hull (3.81 M only)
  • Underside protective overlays
  • 5″ wide keel guard (stick on type)
  • Downrigger brackets
  • Bimini Roofs
  • U-bolts in transom for tie-downs
  • Fishrod holders, etc.

Specifications By Hull Size

3.35 M (11')

Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Overall Width: 6′
Max kW: 15
Max HP: 20
Air Chambers: 3
Number of Persons: 5
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 577
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 1269
Used by Professionals and for Recreation

3.81 M (12'6)

Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Available with Jet hull
Overall Width: 6′
Max kW: 22
Max HP: 30
Air Chambers: 3
Number of Persons: 5
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 620
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 1366
Used by Professionals and for Recreation

Contact us for more information, a quote, or to discuss how we can configure this boat to meet your specific needs or end use.