DIY Repair

When you buy a new boat, it comes with a standard repair kit that contains various sizes of color matched fabric, adhesives, instructions, and basic supplies needed to carry out a patch repair. It’s not easy to puncture your tube – but if it happens, it’s nice to know that you can repair it in the field.

If you run out – extra materials are also available to purchase from us, for small ‘do-it-yourself’ repairs.

For all larger repairs, we recommend contacting us to discuss the issue and how to proceed. We will provide an estimate and have the expertise to provide factory repairs to Hypalon tubes. If the damage is extensive, or if repairing the tube is more than the cost of a new tube set, we may recommend replacing the tube. (Which is something we can do, even if we didn’t make your boat.)

Check out this great instructional YouTube video from NRS – Northwest River Supply based in Idaho.