5M – Polaris SOLAS Approved Rescue Boats

The Rescue-boat as offered is the 5M Polaris 166R / Seamaster Board of Steamship Certification No.T.C.095-060-020. The rescue boat is supplied complete with Certificate of compliance and with the following features and items:


  • Hull Type: Fiberglass (Fire-retardant resin)
  • Self-Righting Frame
  • Overall width: 6’6″
  • Overall length: 16’6”
  • Max HP: 75  / 56 kW
  • Air Chambers: 5
  • Number of Persons: 9
  • Payload Capacity : 2500 Lbs / 1134 Kgs
  • Built to Commercial Standards and Used by Professionals

Capacity: The Transport Canada approved capacity for the open Polaris rescue boat is 9 persons or 3 persons more than our competitor’s rescue boats of similar length. This offers a much greater level of stability and payload capability (33%).

Cone end protection: Launching, retrieving, beaching and obstacles may cause aft damage/wear. Polaris rescue-boats are fitted with extra protective layers onto the cone aft underside of the flotation collars…. as standard.

Tracking strips: These small additions provide substantially increased maneuverability at both low and high speeds. Precise maneuvering under adverse conditions is an essential element of rescue operations…. as standard.

Self-righting system: A mandatory item for all SOLAS approved rescue-boats that cannot be righted by 2 persons. A radar reflector is attached to the system.

Boat Cover: Custom fitted, quick release cover – covering boat when slung on davit.

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  • Tubes constructed of high quality neoprene/hypalon fabric
  • 5 air chambers with flush mount valves and over-pressure relief valves
  • Fiberglass Deep V hull with full deck – fire-retardant resin, orange
  • Roll on non-slip deck surface
  • Cone end tube underside overlay protection including tracking strips
  • Full perimeter tube topside lacing cuff / lifeline retainer
  • Fabric capped transom
  • Formed aluminum transom bracket including structural knee supports
  • Heavy duty, double full perimeter rub rail, 5” wide
  • Inner hull drains / 2 high volume deck flood drains
  • Trailering bow eye (1/2″ S.S. U-bolt)
  • 2 stainless U-bolts facing aft for towing
  • 4 stainless steel lifting points
  • 5’ paddles stowed inboard within paddle retainers
  • Retro-reflective tape
  • High volume foot pump and factory repair kit
  • Operations manual

Options considered most often:

Console / Seating:

  • Inline 2 man skidoo console complete with the following:
  • Forward compartment access hatch (electrical & battery access)
  • 2 person upholstered saddle seat c/w hinged access bin
  • Forward and aft console venting
  • Hydraulic steering c/w good quality steering wheel.

Removable windshield: Complete with grab bar.

Towing Post: Towing post system provides less clutter than conventional tow post systems – remote steering only

Bow Box: Aluminum construction c/w powder coat paint, top opening lid & waterproof.

Rope Ladder: S.O.L.A.S required. Stored in a pouch for quick ‘Snap-On’ application and compact storage.

Keel Shoe: Full length, replaceable, 1/2″ thick nylon.


  • Batteries (x2) – ‘Optima’ gel type c/w hold-down trays located within forward section of console. The system includes a 3 functions battery switch flush mounted through console side c/w cables and all wiring installed in compliance to the LSA code.
  • 6 illuminated rocker switches – waterproof c/w in-line fuses.
  • LED Position lights – (port / starboard) – LED Anchor light on self-righting frame
  • LED deck lights –Installed to underside of self-righting frame, fused and switched at console.
  • Accessory plug-in – 12 volt, fused.
  • Magnetic compass, illuminated, flush fitted into console top. (as per LSA code requirements)
  • Battery charger c/w maintenance feature and waterproof cable. 25’ extension cord and plug-in at console.
  • VHF radio flush fitted to console c/w antennae on arch frame.

Fuel System

  • Certified 10 gal (imp) removable fuel tank, baffled aluminum construction c/w shut-off valve.
  • Fuel filter, “Raycor” – U.S.C.G approved.

Lifting: Balanced, certified lifting sling with attachment bases on boat. Sling will be balanced to boat and load certified (4 legged single point lift). (Note: Release hook is part of davit and not supplied)

Ancillary Equipment (minimum required)

  • Floating Bucket
  • Sea Anchor
  • Sea Anchor Line (min. 10m)
  • Flashlight w/extra bulbs & batteries
  • Throw Line / Quoits (2)
  • Search Light, hand held
  • Thermal Protection Suit (2)
  • Boat Hook
  • Knife, Floating
  • Bailing Sponge (2)
  • Tow line (Poly. 1/2” x 165’)
  • Painter (1/2” x 50’) & Toggle (2)
  • Air Horn, hand held
  • Scott Whistle
  • First Aid Kit (waterproof)
  • Ancillary Kit Bag for storage of items listed above
  • Stainless steel propeller guard (installed)

Specifications By Hull Size

Contact us for more information, a quote, or to discuss how we can configure this boat to meet your specific needs or end use.