The 6 Meter Polaris F.R.C (Fast Rescue Craft) was conceived as a result of extensive evaluations and consultations which included the close examination of several existing certified vessels of the same type as well as on-going input from experienced operators.

The systematic evaluation process of existing type craft revealed several desirable ‘key’ improvements to be considered for inclusion into the new Polaris design. The new features, elements and improvements were incorporated into the plans and thoroughly evaluated for their compatibility to each other and for the overall optimum function of the craft.

The new 6M Polaris FRC was built, thoroughly tested by D.N.V. and Transport Canada and subsequently certified by Transport Canada.

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Standard features included With base boat:

  • Tubes constructed of high quality neoprene/hypalon fabric
  • Foam filled tubeset
  • Aluminum Deep V with full deck (standard is 54″ – 60″)
  • Roll on non-slip decking
  • Push/turn flush mount valves
  • Cone end beaching pads & tracking strips
  • Lacing cuff with lifelines
  • Deck drains
  • Hull drains
  • Heavy duty full length rub rails
  • Trailer bow eye (welded w/S.S.bushing insert)
  • Tubes, with Inboard/outboard mechanical tube tie downs
  • 5’ paddles stowed inboard within paddle retainers
  • Retro-reflective tape
  • High volume foot pump and factory repair kit

Options considered most often:

  • Full deck rather than half deck
  • Underside protective overlays
  • Remote steering console
  • Bench or box seats with or without backrests
  • Bolster backrest
  • Nav lights and anchor lights
  • Fuel tank in seat on deck
  • Beaching shoe for keel or bow (or both)
  • Towing bollards
  • U-bolts in transom for tie-downs
  • Ancillary equipment specific to that approved boat

Specifications By Hull Size


SOLAS Approved Fast Rescue Craft

Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Overall width: 8’2″
Max kW: 134
Max HP: 180 (2×90)
Number of Persons: 6
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2132
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 4700
Used by Professionals

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