Contender Aluminum RIBs

Approved for Professional and Commercial Applications

The Contender Series Rib is produced in 17’6, 18’6 and 19’6 lengths. Its design was derived from the positive attributes of both the smaller Spirit series boat and the larger Neptune series. This series is neither light duty nor designed as a commercial vessel although many are used by commercial clients.

The Contenders have a clear inside deck width of 4’6” (54”) with an overall width (or beam) of 7’10” and a progressive deadrise of 18° from the transom. It has great inboard space, a generous full deck area with an optional below deck fuel system and bow locker.

The floatation collar (or tube set) diameter is 20” with 5 separate air chambers. The tube is mechanically attached and removable.

This style of RIB is designed for higher speed and ease of handling in virtually all water conditions: They are lighter, have greater stability and buoyancy while also being substantially more maneuverable than conventional craft.

Some of the many and varied uses for the Polaris Contender series boats include scuba diving, fishing, camping, exploring, transport, research, patrol, guiding, commuting: And is extremely well suited as an all around family boat.

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Standard features included With base boat:

  • Tubes constructed of high quality neoprene/hypalon fabric
  • Aluminum Deep V with full deck (standard is 54″ – 60″)
  • Aluminum wide body hull 66″
  • Roll on non-slip decking
  • Push/turn flush mount valves
  • Tube topside stepping pads
  • Inboard and outboard lifelines
  • Deck drains
  • Hull drains
  • Heavy duty full length rub rails
  • Trailer bow eye (welded w/S.S.bushing insert)
  • Tubes, with Inboard/outboard mechanical tube tie downs
  • Below deck routing for wiring harness & cables
  • 5’ paddles stowed inboard within paddle retainers
  • High volume foot pump and factory repair kit

Options considered most often:

  • Underside protective overlays
  • Remote steering console
  • One man or two man skidoo console
  • Cushions for seats and backrests
  • Bow box, aluminum, for storage
  • Nav lights and anchor lights
  • Below deck fuel tank for full deck
  • Fuel tank in seat on deck
  • Transom extension pod
  • Beaching shoe for keel or bow (or both)
  • T-roofs and cabins, many variations
  • Navigational arch frames including foldable
  • Downrigger brackets
  • Towing bollards
  • U-bolts in transom for tie-downs
  • Fishrod holders, etc.

Specifications By Hull Size


Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Overall Width: 7’10”
Max kW: 89
Max HP: 120
Air Chambers: 5
Number of Persons: 9
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2131
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 4700
Used by Professionals and for Recreation


Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Overall Width: 7’10”
Max kW: 112
Max HP: 150
Air Chambers: 5
Number of Persons: 10
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2358
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 5200
Used by Professionals and for Recreation


Hull Type: Aluminum (Standard)
Built to Commercial Standards
Overall Width: 7’10”
Max kW: 130
Max HP: 175
Air Chambers: 5
Number of Persons: 11
Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2585
Payload Capacity (Lbs): 5700
Used by Professionals and for Recreation

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